Back in the day, when I was a K00L 31337 hax0r, I had a bunch of custom sound settings for my computer (which, also amazingly, have followed me around to my current work laptop!!!). I’m putting these up here for posterity.

Error message:

Recycle bin:



You know the advert I’ve been trying to find for years, the one that is forever on the tip of my brain and keeps harassing me? Turns out I’ve had the jingle on my laptop for years.

I’m still no closer to identifying the damn thing, but isn’t that a kick in the pants!

We went to see Ovo in Geneva yesterday. The show was good, but it wasn’t my favourite Cirque show ever. The enjoyment might have been muted by the super annoying family that wouldn’t shut up throughout the whole show, even after multiple glares and request to pipe down. Having said that, the slackline act was good, and the finale was actually quite impressive.

I’ve never been one to complain about Christmas displays, but it seems that they’re coming up earlier and earlier. Ideally, I’d prefer to get Halloween over before the Christmas stuff comes up, but that’s just me.

My latest batch of hot sauce commands a bit more respect than the first try. It has double the amount of chilies (ancho, chipotle, habanero and arbol) in half the volume. The first one was very nice, but this is more what I was looking for.

Bread, meat, cheese and pickles. I could happily live off of this. Just need a bit of wine now.

THIS! This is my life at the moment. Except that there’s an additional layer of fun with conflicting work cultures.

I might have underestimated just how much 1 kilo of chilies actually is. Oh well, I see lots of homemade chili sauce in my future… 

Don’t mind me, I’ll just walk across everything. 

Bean wanted to go to an open house at his arts& crafts studio. He pretty much spent the whole afternoon there, and managed to wangle us into staying to watch the…. weirdest play ever. Think angtsy toy story for toys with serious issues…

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