Cat is comfy on bunched-up duvet. Do you:

A- move the cat.
B- freeze to death.

We went to drop the child off at Grandes Roches, his winter school camp. The antibiotics have kicked in and he’s getting over his bronchitis, so he’s now in the Jura with the rest of his class. I’m very proud of our little car and our driver for making it through the snowy mountain roads.

It was an interesting experience though. Katy has laryngitis and didn’t sleep the night before. I have man flu, ergo I’m at death’s door, and Bean is happily talking away in the back seat. Still, we made it there and back, and the child is happy. Great success! 

Bean was feeling miserable on Sunday. We got him an out-of-hours doctor’s appointment, which confirmed that he has bronchitis. The out-of-hours pharmacy was only open from 5pm, so we had a quick stop at Schilliger, where we had an impromptu visit with Santa. He was, however, happier about the raclette and christmas tea that he wangled out of us.

Among the usual staples like bread, milk and coffee, Katy put this on the shopping list today. Apparently, I was grumpy. 

So that means another box of corporate goodies that I can’t eat :) Curse you, nut allergy!

My 3 favourite muppets in the same sketch :)

…you’re listening to Killing In the Name at a rather enthusiastic volume in your headphones, and you realize you just *might* have been singing along.

In keeping with the new spirit of America, all mention of Jews, Arabs, Africans and immigrants have been removed from this Nativity scene. All that is left are sheep, led by a jackass. Sounds legit.

That moment when one of your colleagues is working from home but still wants to attend the team meeting.

At last, after two thousand years of research, the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator. At last…
Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

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