I should be jumping up and down with joy. Instead, I'm counting beans worrying how I'm going to make everything work until the end of May.

This sucks the big, fat, hairy, boil-covered, pus-filled ass.

4 Responses to “Money is evil”
  1. Anonymous says:

    When you get filthy rich and famous, I want a garage (Gros Garage,,,stie) and a John Deer 4WD Loader with a backhoe.
    p.s. read yur E-Mails


  2. emjayne says:

    That's one really ugly ass to be sucking on. What's the money demon?


  3. talisker says:

    My move to Cambridge. With all the expenditures I need to do and all the money they're giving me, I'm roughly breaking even. The problerm is that I'm breaking even in early june, and my last pay cheque is at the end of march. That leaves me 2 months with lotsa bills and no income.


  4. talisker says: