Archive for March 16th, 2017

It’s taken me most of the week, but I now have redundant backups of the home computers. The most painful bit was cleaning up the multiple copies of stuff I’d accumulated over the years. I had duplicate media files all over the place. Good news is that I’ve regained something like 100gb of space, and it shouldn’t take as long to sync everything from now on. 

Do you love everything Disney? Then get ready for Enchanted Bikinis, a swimwear line inspired by your fave magical princesses. The line consists of six royal bikinis that come in sizes all shapes and sizes. You can swim with all the colors of the wind as Pocahontas. Be part of their world as Ariel. Let down your hair like Rapunzel. Sing “Tale As Old As Time” rocking this Belle look. Enter a whole new world as Jasmine. And be the *fairest* of them all as Snow White. Aurora and Cinderella looks are also currently in the works.

Take. My. Money.