Archive for April 2nd, 2017

I’ve e been spoilt by Cirque du Soleil, but I was very happily surprised by the Starlight show that was on the Parc sportif, just across the road from us. It’s not in the same league, but it holds its own and keeps its head high. 

So. BBQ dilemma. I’m torn between the Weber spirit E-310 original and the Koenig (Broil-King) signet 320. Both are 3-burner grills. Both have cast iron grills and electronic ignition. The weber has more usable surface area. The koenig has more heat capacity. The weber warranty and after sale service are better. They’re both the same price. I’m torn and indecisive, so the coins have decided. Three times, three coins. Weber came out 8/9 tosses. Fate has spoken. 

Pavel raced up the bed post, then walked along the edge of the open window. Realise that we’re on the 3rd floor, and that Katy is just out of shot, as in reenie who is sleeping on the headboard.