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Tolstou excels at being a cat. Here he is, watching cat TV, sleeping on a keyboard, looking disdainful.

So the child needs glasses, but only when he’s at school or when he’s on a computer/tablet. It’s a very small correction but it should stop him getting headaches from trying to squint all the time to focus on the blackboard. Little bugger is getting Ray Bans. Yay insurance.

Feeling jealous of my son’s designer glasses, I had to get my own (actually, I’ve been wanting to get a new pair of glasses for years now). This is me pulling a Kevin (from Ghostbusters 👻).

We went to the Divinum wine expo this weekend. Waaay more efficient than the Caves Ouvertes. We must have tried wines from a dozen producers, if not more, and Katy was able to partake – given the fact that we live 5 minutes walking distance away. 

Wines of note:

Pinot noir, Cave de la Pinaudaz, Lonay
Rose doux, Mourvedre-Grenache, Cave Girardet, Lully
Auxerrois, Domaine des Ours, Dully
Cornalin Héritage, Domaine Varone, Sion
Dieci Cavalli, Mazzarotti, Sardinia
Nero D’Avola, Mothia, Sicile
Malbec single vineyards, Finca Orellana, Argentina
Amarone, Montesantoccio, Venice
Vinalba Malbec,Argentine, Bolle
Pinot noir Cuverine, Barrique, Maye, Riddes
Païen, Franc Tireur, Maye, Riddes
Muscat, Les Laudes, Maye, Riddes
Cornalin, La Coraline, Maye, Riddes