Bucket List

Things in my life need shaking up. Dramatically, even. In recent years, I’ve been coasting, generally drifting, and things have taken a downward trend. As a result of this, through a myriad of small things, I am not happy, and this is impacting my health, mental and physical, and the relationships around me – both personally and professionally. Things need to change, and in a big way.

But change is hard. Difffffficult, even, as Katy would say. So, I’m going to start somewhere and make a list of things I want to achieve – the proverbial bucket list.

Short Term goals

  1. Start exercising more
  2. Start exercising more – Again
  3. Eat less junk food
  4. Mooch less cigarettes
  5. Work on improving personal relationships
  6. Play more with Ben
  7. Focus on productivity
  8. Sleep better

Medium Term goals

  1. Lose at least 6 inches off my waist
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Quit smoking – Again
  4. Get a new tattoo
  5. Learn to drive a car – My eyesight says I can’t
  6. Travel more to Europe with Katy and Ben
  7. Find a job that makes me passionate again

Long Term goals

  1. Learn a martial art
  2. Learn to play a musical instrument
  3. Get a motorcycle – fuck my eyes
  4. Visit Japan, Hawaii and New Zealand