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After a few lassis, ordering the blandest thing on the menu and ordering 24 plates of chips. 


The owl is knackered and the day hasn’t started yet. Somebody has been awake and manic/bored since 4am.

update: ahhh, English breakfast. Fat and salt in many colours. Perfect cure-all.


Bobble is very excited about his first family holiday in… ever! He took the best seat in the car to not miss a moment of the action. #fomo


Bobble came along with me to my project management course at the Nestle Water PTC in Vittel, France. He’s being a bit cheeky with the lobby sculpture.


Took us a while to get up to full speed this morning. Bobble is enjoying some coffee fumes.


Bobble nested in the “Wall O’ Gin” in the Fortnum & Mason food hall. We had a bit of a hard time to get him out of it. That owl…


Cheap meat! Cheap groceries! Swiss prices would be double, if not triple, what he sees. Sadly, he can’t take any back home. So he cries a little.


Don’t mess with the owl, yo!


Bobble gets ready to tuck into a proper portion of fish and chips. Not too sure what’s going on in the background.


Vacation’s over. Time to get back to reality, the normal routine. We had a great time, better honestly that I had expected. A huge thank you to my family, who hosted the Bean on sleepovers, so that Katy and I could have some date time. A huge thank you to my wifey, who entertained the Bean while I got my shiny new tattoo.

Now it’s time to pay the bills :D