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… is a flat cap, cause he’s rocking the dark ale. 

Bobble looks scared for his life, but the kite is more interested in dismembering the dead chick in his talons. Chloe, the handler, looks on, bemused at the situation. 

Bobble has all of the essentials sorted for his movie experience! 

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We’d planned to go bowling today. Even Bobble got into the action (and bowled better than I did) but we only played one game because Bean got seduced by the arcades. We didn’t manage to get it on camera, but grandma was channeling D’André in her post-bowling ball release posture. 

Katy and I went to the 45 West gin school yesterday, and I made my own bottle of gin!!

All pictures here:

My super secret recipe is:
20g juniper
3g coriander seed
angelica root
1 peppercorn
dried orange peel
fresh sweet orange peel
fresh lime peel
earl grey tea


For only the second time in this trip, Katy and I were able to go on a proper date. Bobble chaperoned. We went to Coast to Coast for burgers and drinks.


Bad move. I don’t think we’ll be going there again. The service was sloooow. Kind, but glacially slow. The food was also very average. All in all, it was disappointing and left me feeling a bit queasy. A pootle around Leicester town and a good poo sorted me out, and then we were good to go see Ghostbusters. Really. Good. Movie!

After a few lassis, ordering the blandest thing on the menu and ordering 24 plates of chips. 


The owl is knackered and the day hasn’t started yet. Somebody has been awake and manic/bored since 4am.

update: ahhh, English breakfast. Fat and salt in many colours. Perfect cure-all.


Bobble is very excited about his first family holiday in… ever! He took the best seat in the car to not miss a moment of the action. #fomo


Bobble and I just came out of a very important meeting today and are having a bit of decompression time at Starbucks. Tacky, maybe, but sometimes you just need to have a frappucino and a doughnut.