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Or at least he likes my stench. If he’s not on my side of the bed curled up near my pillow, he’s on my clothes. 

If you’re lucky enough to be a cat. 

Don’t mind me, I’ll just walk across everything. 

Got woke up with Tolstoy galloping into the bedroom, knocking shit over, running up the bed post and making I’m-possessed-by-Satam noises. When he calmed down, he just Sat there with a silly look on his face, wondering what to do next. 

And zero shame. 

You know that face you do when you’re sleeping and someone turns on the light? Yeah, that’s Pavel face. 

Pavel or Polar Bear?

I was going to get a bit of work done for Monday. Reenpig decided that this was a bad idea. I’d left my laptop on the sofa for the time it took to refill my water glass. In that time, she crossed the length of the living room to go lie down on it. 

It’s so hot the cats are even more lazy in power-saving mode than usual.