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It’s so hot the cats are even more lazy in power-saving mode than usual.

Pavel being himself, in his favourite spot. The sun in shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re packing stuff to send the boy to camp for a week. Good times. 

I had to phone in to a meeting this morning. This is what greeted me when I came om the bedroom to get my phone.


Can you see how stressed out Pavel is? I don’t know how he can cope with it on a daily basis. My hero! 

Tolstou excels at being a cat. Here he is, watching cat TV, sleeping on a keyboard, looking disdainful.

Pavel raced up the bed post, then walked along the edge of the open window. Realise that we’re on the 3rd floor, and that Katy is just out of shot, as in reenie who is sleeping on the headboard. 

Our cats regularly malfunction. Reenpig spent a whole minute with a plant pot on her head, with a WTF is going on look. 

I’m working from home this afternoon. I kept hearing cat noises, so I went to look. This is what I found. He yawned his head off, then gave me a dirty look for being there. It’s a hard life.