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Bean was feeling miserable on Sunday. We got him an out-of-hours doctor’s appointment, which confirmed that he has bronchitis. The out-of-hours pharmacy was only open from 5pm, so we had a quick stop at Schilliger, where we had an impromptu visit with Santa. He was, however, happier about the raclette and christmas tea that he wangled out of us.

My 3 favourite muppets in the same sketch :)

Not our bestest, but still good. I’m annoyed that I can’t find my string of colour-changing LED lights :(

That’s how he knows. He knows… everything. 

I’ve never been one to complain about Christmas displays, but it seems that they’re coming up earlier and earlier. Ideally, I’d prefer to get Halloween over before the Christmas stuff comes up, but that’s just me.

My Christmas presents seem to revolve around a common theme, thinks I. 

It’s been a very long day and tomorrow will be even longer. We’re very full of good food, plentiful drink and copious cigars. We’re off to bed, wishing a safe end to a shitty year, and hoping that the next one will be better.

Good night to all, and happy new year to you.

With pork pie, scotch egg, beef pasty, cocktail sausage, olive, pickled onion, pickles slice, chicken drumstick, celery and mixed with a lamb leg bone. 

We forgot to instagram it! Granddad paid it the highest compliment, he said it was so nice, he forgot to drink his wine! 

(As a side note, it was a vegetarian leg of lamb marinated in fennel and lemon, with the usual sides, and some braised red cabbage) 

Chomping on a vegetarian lamb bone.