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It’s taken me most of the week, but I now have redundant backups of the home computers. The most painful bit was cleaning up the multiple copies of stuff I’d accumulated over the years. I had duplicate media files all over the place. Good news is that I’ve regained something like 100gb of space, and it shouldn’t take as long to sync everything from now on. 

Which box has the most pie?

Highlight box to get the answer: They all have the same pie content. Assume that the length of the side of the square is x. Box A has pie area of π(x/2)^2. Box B has pie area of 4*π(x/4)^2. Box C has pie area of 16*π(x/8)^2. All of these equations simplify to the same value (πx^2)/4.

This is a hard lesson to learn in software engineering.

That’s also why I’m not allowed to use noise-isolating earphones at home…


Katy got me a pair of Bose wireless headphones. I’m currently listening to Pantera. This makes me happy.

Heriot-Watt University is offering a distance learning Master’s course in Brewing and Distilling. I’m really, really, really tempted. The only issue, as always, might be the money.

The Programme aims to enable learners to:
• Develop detailed knowledge and understanding of the fundamental subjects and topics which are essential in gaining the broad spectrum of expertise required for malting, brewing and distilling: cereal science and technology, yeast science, microbiology, biochemistry, process technology, business strategies, management, food safety, practical and project skills (malting, brewing and distilling), quality control and quality assurance, flavour assessment, analytical chemistry.
• Develop a sound understanding and knowledge of policy, legislation, ethical, health and safety issues of concern as they relate to the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of alcoholic drinks and for the raw materials, processing aids, by-products and wastes of the industry.
• Develop specialist knowledge of the malting, brewing, fermentation, processing, distillation, maturation, packaging and distribution process stages in the production of alcoholic drinks.
• Develop knowledge and understanding of the methods and research skills for investigating new and existing problem areas in malting, brewing and distilling, so that the ability is acquired to conduct independent research and to solve problems.
• Develop knowledge and understanding of the business environment pertaining to malting, brewery and distillery companies including the main areas of strategic planning, operations management, organisational structure, human resources management, marketing, finance, intellectual property and due diligence.
• Diagnose attributes and defects in alcoholic drinks.

As a long-time java developer, I’m now transitioning to python. It’s amusing to get something working while simultaneously having no real clue what you’re doing :)