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Katy is back home, huzzah! huzzah! The CHUV prescribed a few things for the home care of the coming weeks. Please note that this is only *half* of what’s been prescribed.

I have been categorically told that my eyesight isn’t good enough to get a driver’s license in Switzerland. Too many little issues combine to make a big fat no. Can’t say that I’m surprised. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised. Even if I cold get my license for somewhere like Bribemezistan, I’d still need to switch my license for a Swiss one,  and still fail the eye test. So,  plan B,  wait for driverless cars to get legal :-)


Good news: we had our 4-week personal training “evaluation” and we found that we could do more stuff, at higher impact, while feeling a lot better about it (i.e. not feeling like we’re about to puke on the trainer)

Bad news: the evil, evil woman is going to use that against us and pump it up a notch. Bitch.

(As a side note, we really like Liz, she’s a great trainer. We just like to complain about her).

Things have gotten a bit clearer now that I’ve had a chance to properly talk with my mom. Apparently, my dad had a stomach ulcer rupture.

The ulcer was caused by drug interaction side effects of some anti-inflammatories he’s been taking for his back and daily low dose aspirin he’s taking to thin his blood. He drove himself in to the local hospital on Thursday when he felt some very sharp pains,  and, after being violently ill, followed by almost a day of tests, waiting and general faffing, they decided the situation was urgent enough to transfer him to a bigger hospital where he was operated on to repair the damage via keyhole surgery.

He’s now stable and alert and he’s going to stay for observations for the next week to make sure the patch they put on the ulcer holds. If that doesn’t work, they’ll need to remove part of his stomach, but the odds of that needing to be done are slim.

He’s on an IV diet right now, but that should switch to a liquid diet in a day or so, with solids being gradually reintroduced. Once everything is back to normal, they’ll do a colonoscopy to make sure there’s no other problems.

Not the best way to end the week… I just got a phone call from my mom. My dad is in hospital and will undergo some sort of surgery at an unspecified time later today (Canada time, GMT-5). His guts have been giving him grief for the last couple of weeks and he’s been to the ER a couple of times to no avail. Seems this time it might be serious enough to actually get something done. My mom mentioned a perforated ulcer, but how accurate or serious that is, I have no idea and I’m stuck waiting for info.


Canada peeps, give some love to my mom and give me details if/when you get them. My email/FB/phone is always close to hand.

Just my luck... *grump*

I’ve been feeling fine for weeks, and on the eve of a very important and expensive 4-day course, I catch the lurghy! I’m coughing, sniffling and my right ear is completely blocked. Yaaaaaay! Doesn’t help that Bean had a rough night and woke up crying twice last night, so I’m a bit braindead on top of everything. Today would be a day of caffeine and nicotine, if I still smoked.

Grump, I say, GRUMP!

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Katy’s operation on Monday went well and so far, so good. It got rid of a deep-tissue infection that’s been plaguing her since after Bean was born, so yeah, good riddance!

She was discharged on the day and has been feeling fairly well since, with only the occasional bouts of discomfort. Hopefully that’ll be the end of that! She needs to get the suture clips taken out next week.

The oldies were a big help with Bean. They went on a massive cleaning spree on Monday and installed new shelves in Bean’s room, then Mel and I spent the whole of Tuesday replacing the kitchen sink. Of course, this being our house, it fought us all the way. I swear the man who did most of the work a couple of owners ago was an idiot, or a cowboy bodger, or a mix of both. In the end, we ended up ripping out a large section of the drain pipe and redoing the work ourselves instead of trying to make everything fit with the loony-tunes installation that was there before. Wednesday was a chill day, with a side trip to Scottsdales. With the sunny weather we’ve been having all week, we had BBQs and chimenea fires all week.


Bean’s in nursery today and tomorrow, so the oldies have gone back home for a well-earned bit of peace and quiet.

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9:15 At Addenbrookes. Katy had her BP checked. Bit high. If it doesn’t come down, they’ll give her some drugs cause atm it’s too high to operate.

9:45 katy just had her BP checked again. Just having me around lowered her pressure by more than 10 points. Just goes to show what a bit of laughter and a quick grope can do :-)  good to know that my years of being a letch came in handy (hur hur!) I keep telling Katy that it’s cause she’s relaxing cause she’s feeling well known emotions (happy anger, frustration and exasperation).

State of the Richard

After 3 weeks, I still have the cough that won’t go away.

After 2 weeks, my ears are still blocked.

After 1 week, I have stopped smoking.

In the span of a couple of days, I have bought a guitar and a freezer, both of which make me happy.

Also, new pictures online:

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Both my ears have been blocked for the last week. It’s annoying as fuck, but at least the stabbing ear pain has gone away and the tinnitus has calmed down to some extent. Still, I want to be able to hear what people are saying to me!