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Now imagine a Monday after a tiring 2-week holiday and coming back home on a Sunday and going to bed after midnight. I’m proud to have made it out of bed this morning…

We spent a week on the Isle of Wight. Ben drove the ferry on the way there. We bought gin, wine and liqueurs. We saw a funky chicken. We handled owls and saw birds of prey. A ferret walked Bean. We went on a steam railway and looked at a train museum. We saw the coloured sand of the Needles, the coastline and the lighthouse. We saw glass being blows and sweets being made. We went to a donkey sanctuary and saw lots of donkey penises and a horse with an itchy ass. We saw a model village. We went fossil hunting and saw dinosaur footprints. We went to a dinosaur museum. We heard Benedictine monks sing a mass in an abbey. Then we went home. About the only thing we didn’t really do was relax.

All pictures here:

Hi. My name is Bean and I’m an addict. 

***Hi Bean***

Fossil hunting on the cretacious coast. 

Saw iguanodon footprints. 

… is a flat cap, cause he’s rocking the dark ale. 

I don’t do summer. 

I can just hear the “I’m not grumpy!” now.

Or, more accurately, 2p amusement arcade wizard. He just needs to look at it and it barfs coins and sweets.

Saw this at one of the vineyards we visited. Very appropriate. 

I really was looking forward to visiting the chili farm and shop on the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately, it really bummed me out because almost all of the hot sauces had garlic in them. I mean, I must have looked at 30-40 different labels and couldn’t find anything that was allergy-friendly and looked appealing. 

They did have a dried chili pick-n-mix, so at least I’ll be able to make my own insanity sauce.