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My 3 favourite muppets in the same sketch :)

Cookie Monster has a British cousin named Biscuit Monster. He appears in an episode of The Furchester Hotel, staying at the hotel on holiday, having heard his cousin was employed there. He resembles Cookie Monster in appearance (save for a fancy hat), speech patterns (referring to himself as “me”) and love for cookies (which he calls “biscuits”).

I soooo want to put this as an easter egg in the nutritional application we’re working on.

You two have been in a band together since 1975. What does it mean to be a rock star in 2016? 

Animal : Break things! Women! Get paid!

Floyd : Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as it ever was. But with more artisanal beers.

Fuck it. Fuck this shit. Look how many fuck are given. The limit of fuck given over time converges to 0.



Uncle Deadly has fine tastes in gin and fabrics. I hope that Gloria Estefan (the penguin) stays on as a regular character.