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You two have been in a band together since 1975. What does it mean to be a rock star in 2016? 

Animal : Break things! Women! Get paid!

Floyd : Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as it ever was. But with more artisanal beers.

Fuck it. Fuck this shit. Look how many fuck are given. The limit of fuck given over time converges to 0.



Uncle Deadly has fine tastes in gin and fabrics. I hope that Gloria Estefan (the penguin) stays on as a regular character.


Katy says that I look like Chip-The-IT-guy from the Muppets (if I still had more hair).

I’m not impressed with my wifey.


During the Swedish Chef’s epic karaoke moment, I noticed something for the first time: a wedding ring. I thought I’d come across something new, but no. According to the muppet wiki: “a wedding ring has appeared on the Swedish Chef’s left hand as early as 2006″.

But that begs the question, who is Mrs (or Mr – it’s only fair) Swedish Chef?? More importantly, how did I manage to miss this for the last 10 years??


Hungover Beaker looks like I felt this morning.