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The oldies have come and gone – it’s only been a week – and I’ve taken upwards of a thousand pictures (though the final tally of kept pictures is closer to 400). We’ve been to Lucerne, to the Swiss transport museum, to the Victorinox museum, to the tulip festival in Morges and to the Charlie Chaplin museum. My BBQ *still* hasn’t been delivered, and we’re THIS CLOSE to putting the child up for adoption because the late nights have turned him into a completely obnoxious shithead.

I’m just leaving this here, because I’m always looking for profile pictures where I don’t look like a dweeb.

I often need a picture of myself for work/promotional related uses, and I rarely have a decent one at hand (one where I don’t have an owl on my head, or channeling d’André). I’ll just leave these two here for now.

20141203_140417.jpg 20140423_125848.jpg

And yes, I know I’m not smiling. I don’t do smiling (unless I’m well wasted, and nobody wants to see that).


I’ve had some pictures on my camera memory card for a while now that needed putting online. Here are a few:

Trip to London to see Bill Bailey, Cork & Bottle, Poppies at the Tower of London.
Day trip to Berne, to see the bears.
Day trip to Ouchy and cruise on the lake.

As my first organized fun activity while I’m in the UK, we went to Twycross Zoo. It was pissing it down with rain, but I don’t mind, because it kept the crowds and the bugs away. Unfortunately, a lot of the animals decided they were better off inside. Still, managed to get some cracking good pics :)

All pictures, and more, here:

Finally got all the pictures uploaded:

Zoo du Sauvabelin, Servion, March 2014

Gruyère, March 2014

Geneva, March 2014


While the oldies have been in town, we’ve tried to show them more of Switzerland. Last week, we went to the Sauvabelin zoo, and this past weekend, we went to Gruyere and Geneva. As a side-effect of these jaunts, I have several hundred pictures that I need to process and upload to the blog. While this is happening, please enjoy a tiger yawning – taken from the zoo trip.


I was looking forward to going to the Morges Christmas market, even though I had heard conflicting opinions about it. I was very happily surprised. It’s a nice mix of the Montreal Salon des Metiers d’Arts and the Wimpole farm Christmas market. It was also fairly big, with several places I’d have spent more money than would be sensible.



Pictures here:

Katy, Bean and I went to Chillon yesterday, where we met up with Ryan, Sally, Zoe, Eamonn and Sally’s mom. The kids had a blast, and the adults followed in bemusement. We had mulled wine, ate in the castle hall, watched some dancers and had a good explore of the place. Bean went on a pony ride (which started off well but he didn’t like the ending, when the horse sped up and he started slipping off) and on the ferris wheel at the christmas market. Good day, but would have been better if I weren’t falling ill in the meantime.



All pictures here: