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Little family selfie on the way back home.



I was a bit out of it this morning when Bean woke me up so I made him a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs, put a movie on the magic box and went back to bed for a bit. As a side note,  the magic box I a media streamer connected to the house NAS. It contains all of Bean’s movies and TV shows, our movies,  and some movies of a more… grown-up nature. Now Bean is tech savvy enough to use the magic box remote and navigate between his stuff. When I got up this morning to get ready for work, I walked into the living room to see the child happily drawing in his colouring book.

He looked up at me and said “I don’t like this movie daddy. People are putting their pee-pees in other people’s mouth. That’s silly, isn’t it?” I remarkably kept a straight face when I agreed with him, put Garfield and Friends on and managed to get into the bedroom before bursting into laughter.

I put a password lock on that folder before I left for work :-)

Things we learned over the weekend:

1. Swiss windy mountain roads: a thrill to ride.
2. French windy mountain roads: will try and kill you.
3. Swiss motorcycle drivers are all fucking nutters that make english drivers look sane and civil by comparison.



All pictures here:


Heading to Chamonix, bopping to Pharrell. I feel like a room without a roof.


Last summer, we fell in love with a little local pinot gris, but I never blogged about it or took down the contact information. Wine lady was there every Saturday, like clockwork, until she wasn’t. I spent months trying to remember the name,  or anything that could help me find it again. This weekend, I was going to ask around the other market vendors when lo and behold, wine lady was back. And there was much rejoicing. 


Also, I’ve realized that it’s been 2 days this week that I’ve not uploaded a post. This is not good :(

Saw a bunch of Victorian London tattoos:

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This may me think of Sherlock Holmes, and possibly something loosely asked on the original Strand drawings done by Sidney Paget:

Throw in some Jeremy Brett, for good measure:

And some ambiance, for inspiration:

More inspiration:


This warrants ruminations….

Crucial elements that need to be in the design:

– 221b, the tobacco slipper, the violin, the books, the mess, the chemistry experiments, the drugs
– The pipe and magnifying glass
– London in the fog, a bridge, Big Ben, cobblestones, gas light, assorted Victoriana
– A general mood of mystery, tension, and dread.


And if I hadn’t already eaten too much, I’d be hungry for sushi.


That’s my boy… pants and top back-asswards. I’m sure that if he was wearing his wellies, they’d be on he wrong feet. But, as is his motto, it doesn’t matter :-)