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Among the usual staples like bread, milk and coffee, Katy put this on the shopping list today. Apparently, I was grumpy. 

How Katy and I are dealing with the distance. 

… cause you know too many of my secrets.

This applies to 2 people in my life :)

Katy wanted to take a picture of a couple of pigeons who were seriously going at it, feeding each other their butt fleas. She got too close though and ruined the moment. 

She totally cock-blocked that poor pigeon. 

Driving on the highway to go pick up the child from scout camp:

Katy: What are you thinking about?
Me: You really want to know?
Katy: Yes.
Me: OK, I was wondering what the formula is to compute the distance between us and the motorcycle that passed by us, given two constant but different speeds, and how acceleration changes that equation.
Katy: I just think about cake.

The parents go out and play

Well, the parents have a burger and a beer then spend the evening griping at Eurovision, but same difference. 

Had to be split over 2 days because we got too tired last night…

We did manage to sneak in some shopping, some cocktails 🍷 and a movie 🎦 though.

Would you walk up the hill again? Yes, for gin, lesbians and puppy dogs.

We wanted to go to Les Brasseurs to get the burgers 🍔 and beer 🍻 that we missed out on last night before we picked up Ben from his scout camp. Turns out there was a bike rally in town that closed off most of the roads where we wanted to go. That was a big bust…

Ever adaptable, we went to have some perfectly satisfactory tempura 🍤, calamari and ramen 🍜 (for me) and sushi rolls 🍥 (for Katy).

Even polar bear enjoyed a nice pot of jasmine tea. (Polar bear came along because, as Katy said, the fact that she was having a shit mental health daily didn’t mean he couldn’t have a good time.)

This is what I have to deal with, even before I’ve had coffee *grumble*