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British National Tea Day takes place every year in the UK on 21 April. It has been founded as a community movement of tea houses and lovers to promote tea in British culture and also highlight charitable causes which use tea to fundraise or bring people together. Founded by tea enthusiasts the event has grown to become a platform for tea brands to promote both taste and ethical sourcing practices.

Gerald Anthony Scarfe is an English illustrator, artist, political cartoonist and stage designer. Gerald Scarfe has enjoyed a career spanning over more than five decades. His style is immediately recognisable and work includes Pink Floyd to Walt Disney, The Sunday Times to The New Yorker and Winston Churchill to the politicians of the present day.

It’s a fake, but it’s a lovely fake :)

This was from the July 2005 underground bombing:

“It’s hard to panic the British. They’ve dealt with the Blitz, the IRA, the Silurians, the Daleks, the Cybermen…”

To quote an old Londoner who lived through the blitz and got caught up in the Canary Wharf explosion: “I’ve been blown up by a better class of bastard than this!”

Every time we come back to Leicester, we always make a point to go to Buck’s chippy. It’s insane to think you can have a portion of cod ‘n chips or half a chicken and chips for 5 quid that can feed two people!


Katy and I went to the 45 West gin school yesterday, and I made my own bottle of gin!!

All pictures here:

My super secret recipe is:
20g juniper
3g coriander seed
angelica root
1 peppercorn
dried orange peel
fresh sweet orange peel
fresh lime peel
earl grey tea

After a few lassis, ordering the blandest thing on the menu and ordering 24 plates of chips. 

Cheeky Nandos: “It’s when u and the lads are having a bit of banter in town and ur mate is like ‘im hungry lets go greggs’ but then ur like ‘nah man not feeling a pasty lets go somewhere else’ and then ur top mate (probs called Gaz) is like ‘oi lads lets go for a cheeky nandos'”.

Mel, grab a pack with two green ones. 

They don’t have any. Two blue, but not two green. 

You mean to tell me that your sponges are color coded?!?

Of course. 


What about these ones, they have two green ones in the pack. 

They’re the wrong type. 



So what do you guys do when you come to ours and have no sponges? Bring your own? 

Don’t give mother any ideas. The suitcases are heavy enough as it is.