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Don’t mind me, I’ll just walk across everything. 

Bean wanted to go to an open house at his arts& crafts studio. He pretty much spent the whole afternoon there, and managed to wangle us into staying to watch the…. weirdest play ever. Think angtsy toy story for toys with serious issues…

It’s taken us two weekends to move it, and 8 hours to build it, but it’s finally all done! 

What’s more, the child likes it! 

Camille, Lam and Ben on the bus to school.

Child is back from scout camp. We think that he had a good time (except for the part where his quadhelix came loose) but we can’t be certain. He seemed happy when he came off the boat and while they were doing the shout outs. Then came tears when he realised that he misplaced one of his badges. Then came the angst about not knowing what he wanted for dinner. Then came the Litany Of Woes (he gets that from his mom) about how Everything Hurts, and how Everything Went Badly, and how Everyone Was Mean, and how he wants another week of holiday before going back to school because, otherwise, What’s The Point…. 

So yes, my little drama llama is back. 

The child is on his way to France for a week long scout camp. Hope he’ll have a grand old time and the weather holds. Also hope he’s not too much of a drama llama. 

He liked it and says he’d go again. This is a success!

Hi. My name is Bean and I’m an addict. 

***Hi Bean***

Or, more accurately, 2p amusement arcade wizard. He just needs to look at it and it barfs coins and sweets.

Ben wanted to camp out with Katy. It’s been 30 minutes and I can still hear his mouth flapping away.