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The child is wearing my socks this morning. I think he looks retro-cool, he says it keeps his legs warm.

Bean is away for the week at a school camping trip. It’s a very Swiss things to do. Fingers crossed, he’ll have a good time :)

The parents go out and play

Well, the parents have a burger and a beer then spend the evening griping at Eurovision, but same difference. 

On the way back from his scout camp, Bean tripped over a tree root while playing and did a running superman wipeout that ended up with him badly spraining his ankle. X-rays don’t seem to show anything broken, but he can’t walk on it so as a precaution, they gave him a plaster splint. Right now, he’s hobbling on rainbow-colored crutches, generally being in good spirits, but enjoying the extra attention :)

Katy loves the Swiss scouts. She keeps saying “my brownies were never this fun. All we ever did was play rounders”. It should be noted that, besides his last-minute injury, Bean enjoyed his camping trip and it was the first time in a looong time that the St-George camping weekend didn’t get rained on :)

Bean is on his first camping trip with scouts. We are on our own until tomorrow afternoon. What does Katy do? Snuggle under snowman blankie cuddling polar bear… Oy.

And to all the naysayers out there, all parts are used and accounted for! Test fire scheduled for tomorrow.

I also had a good helper!