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The child is on his way to France for a week long scout camp. Hope he’ll have a grand old time and the weather holds. Also hope he’s not too much of a drama llama. 

He liked it and says he’d go again. This is a success!

Hi. My name is Bean and I’m an addict. 

***Hi Bean***

Or, more accurately, 2p amusement arcade wizard. He just needs to look at it and it barfs coins and sweets.

Ben wanted to camp out with Katy. It’s been 30 minutes and I can still hear his mouth flapping away. 

On the train to the airport, we all decided that we weren’t going to stare at screens. It kind of got to is… 

The child is wearing my socks this morning. I think he looks retro-cool, he says it keeps his legs warm.

Bean is away for the week at a school camping trip. It’s a very Swiss things to do. Fingers crossed, he’ll have a good time :)