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An Essential Guide for Adventurous Wine Lovers. Simon Hardy, Fitting Wines.

Saw this. Have no words to explain, but it makes me smile. It’s random, just the way I like it.


Bean is just sitting on the sofa, singing: “a bit more wine! a bit more wine! We want a bit more wine!”


Even the cat is getting in on the action (though to be honest, I bopped her nose with a wine wetted finger and she didn’t look impressed when she liked it off).


Just for Katy.


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Meylan, Les Festifs, Gewürztraminer 2013. It’s the shit!!


I was going through some boxes at my parents, looking for some old stamp albums that I left here when I moved to the UK. I didn’t find all of what I was looking for, but I did find a duo of bottles of Bordeaux that McGill commissioned for the 175 anniversary of the university. They’ve spent close to the last 20 years packed away in my grandmother’s old trunk. I’m hoping they’re still good. Watch this space when I get back to Switzerland.