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THIS! This is my life at the moment. Except that there’s an additional layer of fun with conflicting work cultures.

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When height-adjustable desks go bad.

I should present this one at our next code review. 

What does an analytic mind do when faced with a problem? The institute paid to have all windows cleaned. The windows are still dirty. Turns out it’s some sort of hard scale-like deposit, that has proven resistant to soap, whiteboard cleaner, vinegar (*) and oil (**). 

* balsamic
** olive, extra-virgin

The CTO of Nestlé came for a visit. Our carefully choreographed and rehearsed presentations went out the window after the 2nd slide, when he asked to see the raw data for a very specific, and possibly high impact, project we worked on. All in all, it was a very interesting and informative visit. 

Don’t let me near the code.


I really shouldn’t idolize Wally as much as I do. It’s probably not healthy.

Sometimes, when having to deal with other people, you just smile and nod.