This weekend saw us going to town to get a few more xmas presents done, send a bunch of then to Canada (though overseas shipping is a bitch!) and go buy our dishwasher, woohoo! it was delivered earlier this morning, and just needs us to plug everything in tonight.

We were in town for a solid 8 hours, which was extreme, to say the least. I'm glad I'm almost done with my shopping, because I can't take many more weekends like that. I hate shopping when it's so crowded you have to shove your way through crowds to get from store to store.

We got back home on saturday evening and put up our xmas tree.

The cat is having a grand old time destroying it. Every morning, we need to pick up the baubles that have been knocked off and strewn across the living room. Surprisingly, he hasn't knocked it down yet. Having said that, it's still early days.

Speaking of the cat, here are some more recent pictures:

He loves that cat bed, but he can't be comfortable sleeping like that…

6 Responses to “weekend update”
  1. mirli says:

    Icon love!
    (And cat love. He's so cute and fluffy.)


  2. raspberrysalmon says:

    Whoa. I really, really had troubles just understanding that first cat bed one. :)


  3. talisker says:

    cute, yes. fluffy yes. A pain in the ass, you wouldn't believe…


  4. talisker says:

    Katy and I are always looking at him and thinking “how can he be confortable contorted like that”… apparently, he has no problems with it.


  5. suzn says:

    What a gorgeous beastie! He looks so grown up since the last photos I saw–but still has the kittenish playful look to him.


  6. talisker says:

    the little monster, yes… He's already had the tree completely down once already, and we're picking up baubles on a daily basis… bugger.