13 Responses to “Geneva pictures are finally up”
  1. sbourge says:

    What a face you make on the second one! lol


  2. talisker says:

    Making faces is half the fun.

    Where in the world are you these days?


  3. sbourge says:

    Here and there… preparing long vacations across France, taking better care of my body (which was starting to revolt), and not working enough on my thesis! lol

    Nothing really exciting really. (I'm not going all over Europe ME! ;P)


  4. talisker says:

    Are you in Paris? We might try and pop in and invite ourselves for a long weekend :)

    When is the thesis due? When are you planning on coming to the UK for your post-doc?

    Miss you, evil frenchman :)


  5. sbourge says:

    No, I'm actually in the middle of nowhere (i.e. my parents' place, 500 inhabitants top! *sigh*)

    No date really… when it's done.

    I'm starting looking for the post-doc thing, and will try to start around mi-October or early November. I cross my fingers!

    Miss you too, Canadian freak! :)


  6. talisker says:

    We can always invite ourselves to backwater Bretagne and scare your parents :D You can also come and invite yourself to our place. We have a quest bedroom that you can share with the cat.


  7. sbourge says:

    Bretagne, you're dreaming man! (I wish)
    We're 2h SE of Paris, in Yonne, Burgundy.

    We'll organize something, but I'm afraid it won't be possible soon, I'm quite booked until July 9th, date I leave until August 27th, and after that I'm supposed to leave for Montreal for at least one month! So you'll have to wait until the end of the year to invade France (you bloody brits! ;D)

    PS: poor Cat! Don't you love the poor beast?


  8. talisker says:

    Bretagne, Bourgogne, same difference :)

    Est-ce que c'est Emilie qui habite en Bretagne?

    C'est quoi tes plans entre Julllet et Aout? Laisse-moi savoir quand tu penses etre a Montreal. J'aurais peut-etre qqs petites commissions pour toi :)

    Cat: nah, he's being a git recently and deserves to be punished.


  9. sbourge says:

    Pfffffffff, inculte! ;D

    Non plus, Emilie est à Bordeaux.

    Je vais un tour de France! Découverte de pas mal de villes que je ne connais pas :) (je prévois 4000km)

    Je devrais retourner à Montréal en Septembre, pour un bon mois, alors donne-moi la liste ;)

    Cat: that bad?


  10. talisker says:

    Alors c'etait la post-doc d'Emile qui habite en Bretagne, damn it :)

    4000km? damn. Toi et des potes? C'est beau d'avoir du temps libre :D


  11. sbourge says:

    Effectivement, c'était la post-doc de Daniel (puis Emile) qui était Bretonne ;)

    Non, moi et une amie canadienne. Et oui, c'est sympa d'avoir du temps libre (enfin, j'en ai pas, mais je le prends! lol)


  12. talisker says:

    i like your priorities :D


  13. sbourge says:

    Life is too short man! :D