I used to make fun of my old roommate Marc because I thought he had too many scents and colognes. Now, turns out, I have more than he used to have…




if you ever feel the pressing need to get me something, smellies are always an option :)

To stop the zombie apocalypse, broadcast a goodly supply of cat videos.

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The oldies have come and gone – it’s only been a week – and I’ve taken upwards of a thousand pictures (though the final tally of kept pictures is closer to 400). We’ve been to Lucerne, to the Swiss transport museum, to the Victorinox museum, to the tulip festival in Morges and to the Charlie Chaplin museum. My BBQ *still* hasn’t been delivered, and we’re THIS CLOSE to putting the child up for adoption because the late nights have turned him into a completely obnoxious shithead.




Our chocolate is waiting for us at home. Should be there soon! 


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