That’s what I need to keep telling myself.

Commonly repeated sentences:
– are you dressed?
– do you have socks on?
– please stop talking for 5 minutes!!!

God bless your wisdom, Danny Donkey!

60s-era advertisement re-branded with actual Trump quotes.

Original link here.

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I’m just leaving this here, because I’m always looking for profile pictures where I don’t look like a dweeb.

Our cats regularly malfunction. Reenpig spent a whole minute with a plant pot on her head, with a WTF is going on look. 

I was cleaning the bbq with Bean. First bit of bad news was when the flame diffusers were so brittle that they flaked away when you tried to pick them up. Next clue I need a new grill was when a large section of the drip tray fell on my feet. Poor thing, we did get our money’s worth out of it. Garden center, here I come! 

Wheat fronds. 

It’s taken me most of the week, but I now have redundant backups of the home computers. The most painful bit was cleaning up the multiple copies of stuff I’d accumulated over the years. I had duplicate media files all over the place. Good news is that I’ve regained something like 100gb of space, and it shouldn’t take as long to sync everything from now on. 

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