Blue Man Group, Lausanne, January 11

Kodo – One Earth Evolution, Geneva, March 14

We’ll need to get the child some ear defenders, but I think he’ll get a kick out of both shows.

And, for the grown-ups only, an evening of burlesque in Geneva this coming November. 

Katy and I went for brunch at the Café de Grancy in Lausanne this morning. It really reminded us of Eggspectation, but with a nicer vibe. We had croissant, fresh bread and brioche that should come with a warning label it was so moreish. I had an English-y breakfast and Katy had smoked salmon, Asian-y salad and pesto toast. The service was a bit slow but the food was excellent. We’ll definitely go again. 

The child is on his way to France for a week long scout camp. Hope he’ll have a grand old time and the weather holds. Also hope he’s not too much of a drama llama. 

So. Two egomaniac boy-children, with a minimal grasp of reality, are going to have a dick-measuring contest.

With nukes.

Oh, and this isn’t ironic at all. Please note the date:

Brian Kesinger is a story artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He’s also an author and illustrator of Walking Your Octopus. Kesinger masterfully blends the Disney world with the steampunk universe and imagines exciting adventures of a very unlikely friendship. The main characters of these wonderful adventures are Victoria and her per octopus, Otto. “Everyone can relate to having a pet,” Kesinger says. “What I wanted to do with Otto and Victoria is to ask the question ‘What if your pet was an octopus?’ As soon as you do that you start to raise humorous scenarios like how hard would it be to housebreak an octopus when they’re inking everywhere.”

He’s also getting a large following for his novel mash-ups of Star Wars, Dr. Who, Calvin & Hobbes and many others

Sometimes, when having to deal with other people, you just smile and nod.

It’s mah birfday and my family has spoiled me! I walked into the flat to a birthday cake and a rousing (and off-key) song, then I officially got my new phone, and some prezzies that were completely unexpected, such as gin, chocolate, gin, smelliest and a new wallet. Yay!!!

Now I will probably need to have words with my wife about over-spending, but not tonight.

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