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A new internet craze is sweeping the web and it sees women holding their breasts in the shape of heart and posting pictures of it online. The bizarre trend – named the “heart shaped boob challenge” – began earlier this week in China.

And within days it has exploded on the country’s most popular social network Weibo, with thousands of women wanting to take part in the challenge.

Our lunchtime conversations tend to be lively, and I like to throw a spanner in the works once in a while. Today was no exception, as we were talking about opera and I mentioned that I wanted Ben to learn about it the same way I did, from a cross dressing rabbit. This ended with us watching Youtube videos around the table :)

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I’ve been scanning old hardcopy pictures, and I came across these two. The first one was drawn on a whiteboard in the flat I used to share with Michel, corner St-Marc & Maisonneuve. It was my daily cry of desperation for almost a year, while I was slogging through my labwork. The second one is the first, original, often imitated but never exceeded, wall-o-shame-tm.

God, I don’t miss the lab…

This picture was taken a loooong time ago, when the buzz page was still in existence. I don’t know the exact date, but I can say it was taken in the summer between the end of my B.Sc and the start of my M.Sc. This was my profile picture for the chat room for InterFace, the pirate ratio station for the longest of times.

Be prepared, and always wear clean underwear 

I can just hear the “I’m not grumpy!” now.

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I think I’m funny…