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Tigers can carry double their bodyweight, at about 540kg. The largest tigers can measure up to 3.5m from nose to tail and weigh close to 300kg and, despite their size, run at up to 40mph. A swipe of a tiger’s paw is powerful enough to smash a cow’s skull.

And yet, I want to kiss them and love them and squeeze them and hug them and call them George.

but it looks really, really fun!

​The Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll is a brilliant recreation of Japanese anime and dojinshi fantasies as a plush toy. Featuring a sleeve pouch so you can tuck your favorite masturbator between the legs, the large and versatile furry animal doll can be enjoyed in a range of positions. The detail is superb, complete with paws, a tail and cute anime-like eyes. All the animals are female and have breasts. Choose between three versions: a pink dog called Nene, a gray cat called Anya, or a chestnut brown fox called Kitsuno.

And at 500$ plus shipping, it can be yours! 

And so bloody difficult to upload to wordpress!

Cookie Monster has a British cousin named Biscuit Monster. He appears in an episode of The Furchester Hotel, staying at the hotel on holiday, having heard his cousin was employed there. He resembles Cookie Monster in appearance (save for a fancy hat), speech patterns (referring to himself as “me”) and love for cookies (which he calls “biscuits”).

I was googling to find take-out places that deliver to Morges. This should not have been in the list…

Hells yeah, it has nipples!