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Two pictures from our group BBQ at the bosslady’s house. Good food (!), good wine, good laughs, and cows with bells. Rousing success!

​A unique workshop where you will learn all about meat, the issues it raises and the latest technology. Watch as our activity leader joints a piece of meat, explaining each stage of the process. You then use some of the cuts to create a dish to sample together at the end of the workshop.

Katy bought me a place in an Alimentarium workshop. It turned into a 3h private chef lesson, seeing as I was the only person registered. We made chicken appetisers, ballotines, two different types of sausage, and generally had a really good chat about food in general. We ate what we cooked, but there was so much of it that the family enjoyed the leftovers.

The child is wearing my socks this morning. I think he looks retro-cool, he says it keeps his legs warm.

Bean is away for the week at a school camping trip. It’s a very Swiss things to do. Fingers crossed, he’ll have a good time :)

Pavel being himself, in his favourite spot. The sun in shining, the birds are chirping, and we’re packing stuff to send the boy to camp for a week. Good times. 


My helpers and I have handmade sausagemeat to then handmake scotch eggs. Very tasty teamwork, and I love the taste of the sausagemeat. I pan roasted fennel seeds, coriander seeds and peppercorns, then added some salt, dijon mustard, nutmeg, onion powder, and a little ground clove. It came out really, really well!

Katy and I were walking in Vevey while Bean was doing a waffle-and-compote workshop at the Alimentarium when we came across this. It will require further investigation.