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Given the state of our VMs and storage systems right now, I think that we should get a panic room at work.


Katy has been in the hospital for close to 3 weeks now, and we’re still not sure when she’s coming home. Every time she talks with a doctor or nurse,  she gets a different, partially overlapping bit of information. The left graft completely failed. You’ll need to have another operation. We’re not sure when. It’s infected. No, it’s not infected. Oh, it’s partially taken so we’ll keep you in to try and save it. You might not need to have another operation. But you probably will need one. We’ll reassess on Monday. Or maybe Friday.

God damn it, try and give a consistent message. I get that it’s an inexact process, and you do need to wait and see, but don’t jerk us around like this. We need to try and make plans around all of this.

We all went to visit Gruyere and the Maison Callier in Broc today. We had a good time visiting the Giger museum and Gruyere castle, and then having raclette for lunch.

We had a bit of an unpleasant surprise when we realised that the window of our patio door was cracked, from the inside :-( We have no clue how that happened, but now I’m fretting about getting it fixed.


Unless we can show it’s a manufacturer defect, it’ll probably go on our civil responsibility insurance. It’s why we have insurance in the first place, but it’s still a worry and a pain.

There was chaos on the roads because of high winds and blowing snow on Monday, resulting in a major pileup on Highway 417 in Eastern Ontario, near North Glengarry.

In total, twenty vehicles were involved in this series of accidents, which occurred shortly before 4pm westbound, between the villages of Saint-Isidore and Vankleek Hill, near Highway 34.

A Voyageur coach, two tankers, a semi-trailer truck carrying a cargo of cars and some cars were involved in the pileup which were likely cause by the poor weather conditions.


Fifteen people were injured slightly. Two further people had to be transported to the hospital.  Several emergency vehicles were deployed to the scene of the incident, almost halfway between Ottawa and Montreal.

In total, more than 150 accidents were reported during the day, both on Outaouais roads that Eastern Ontario, due to difficult road conditions.

One of the people that went to the hospital was my mom, coming back from seeing my sister in Montreal. The coach got caught in the tail end of a white-out and collided into the back of a car,  itself involved in the multi-vehicle pileup. My mom, sitting in her usual spot in the first row seat, went through the front windshield of the bus and landed on the road. Miraculously, and I don’t use the word lightly, the only injury she suffered was a cut on the top of her head,  requiring a dozen stitches, and a big bruise on her shoulder. She thinks that the glass probably shattered when the bus hit, lessening the impact when she went through it. I can’t really believe I just typed that…

She thinks she might have blacked out for a bit, but not too long, and was lucid the whole time, after realising she was on the road, getting wet from the snowstorm. The paramedics did the whole neck brace backboard thing, but xrays showed there were no fractures, no concussion and they only kept her for observations for one night. She feels a bit stiff,  but less than she expected to. She’s mostly annoyed that she can’t wash the blood out of her hair. Tough (and lucky!) old bird, she is.



This is me today. Today has not been a good day, at any possible level. Sadly, there is still more of today that needs to be dealt with.


Commute from hell

I took Bean to school by myself this morning. We get to the metro station to see a tsunami of people coming out of the station – apparently the metro was down from our station (the terminus) all the way to Bessieres, which is 3 stations away from the train station. That’s more than a third of the line down. They got a replacement bus going, but we were packed like sardines, 6 deep across the width of the bus. I have to give mad props to the Bean, he was a really good boy but it threw our schedule to hell. In the end, we made it on time (with a few minutes to spare) but it was rough.

I’m really worried about my bean. He walked into school with a look of pure incomprehension on his face. It’s all so new, and it’s all in French. I really worry that the language barrier will make what should be a really exciting experience into something that he doesn’t like. My head tells me that he’s resilient enough to cope. I mean, he’s handled nursery without a problem, and he’s been really good with the whole move, so this is just one more thing that he’ll get used to. As long as mummy and daddy tell him that everything is ok, he’ll just go with the flow and do his own thing. My heart breaks though, when I see him walking into school with a tentative wave and a look around to make sure I’m still there.

He’s having a “full” day of school today. He’s going to have lunch in Morges. The “problem” is that it’s not actually at the school. The kids that are signed into school lunches get picked up and go somewhere else where all the schools send the kids to lunch. He knows what’s going to happen, and his teacher is going to make sure that he gets picked up. Again though, it’s a language thing. I worry. I’m sure it’ll all be fine, and that other kids in similar situations have gone through the process without issue, but he’s my bean, and I love him to bits, and I worry.

[Child, if you ever end up reading this when you’re older and stalking my old blog archives, you give me grey hairs but I love you to bits.]

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While the whirling dervish that is my too-tired son was causing mayhem and chaos downstairs, the cats were chilling their shit upstairs, quite contently. 

I so need/want to be a cat right now.

Good news,  my EBI indemnities came in today.  Less good news,  more than half of them have already gone to loan repayments. Better news,  we’re now debt free (almost).