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Got woke up with Tolstoy galloping into the bedroom, knocking shit over, running up the bed post and making I’m-possessed-by-Satam noises. When he calmed down, he just Sat there with a silly look on his face, wondering what to do next. 

As much as anyone, Hugh Hefner turned the world on to sex. As the visionary editor who created Playboy magazine out of sheer will and his own fevered dreams, he introduced nudity and sexuality to the cultural mainstream of America and the world.

For decades, the ageless Mr. Hefner embodied the “Playboy lifestyle” as the pajama-clad sybarite who worked from his bed, threw lavish parties and inhabited the Playboy Mansion with an ever-changing bevy of well-toned young beauties. He died Sept. 27 at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles at age 91. His death was announced by Playboy Enterprises Inc. but the cause was not disclosed.

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When height-adjustable desks go bad.

Dumb and Dumberer. Must’ve been one heck of a conversation!

Time to slap a smile on my face and pretend everything is hunky-dory.

We didn’t have time to do everything yesterday, so we went again today. We were all very tired from yesterday, so we didn’t have as good a time. Still, Bean handled a shoulder-fired antitank grenade and I bonded with a cow (and was seriously tempted to trade the cow for the child). 

I got a cuddle from a giant weed leaf. Katy posted the picture on her instagram. It was liked by LA-based real estate law firm. Yay, Internet. 

My dad would be in canned food heaven right now. We went grocery shopping in France, and it’s always astonishing to see how different the choices are. In this picture, you’ll notice tins of:

  • Canard mitonné
  • Blanquette de veau
  • Lapin rôti à la moutarde
  • Tartiflette
  • Choucroute garnie
  • Cassoulet
  • Poulet basquaise
  • Boeuf bourguignon

Now, of course, it will never compare to the British pie-in-a-tin experience we gave him once, but I did make note of a few things to send back to him when my mom comes.