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We went to drop the child off at Grandes Roches, his winter school camp. The antibiotics have kicked in and he’s getting over his bronchitis, so he’s now in the Jura with the rest of his class. I’m very proud of our little car and our driver for making it through the snowy mountain roads.

It was an interesting experience though. Katy has laryngitis and didn’t sleep the night before. I have man flu, ergo I’m at death’s door, and Bean is happily talking away in the back seat. Still, we made it there and back, and the child is happy. Great success! 

So that means another box of corporate goodies that I can’t eat :) Curse you, nut allergy!

For all your army surplus needs


Japanese merch!

Though we really need to increase the output of our solitary grape vine/

We built it, and they came. Or something like that. In the end, the evening was a good one, albeit tiring. People told us it was the best one yet, and the treasure hunt and the chimenea were big hits. I’m a bit miffed that my vin chaud turned into vin tiède. Need to find a way to keep it warm next year. Still, in the end, people had a good time. Slender-Bean said he has a mostly good time (high praise, I’ll take it!), and Katy and I were skunks with cigars in the park.

I am moo-cow.

Bread, meat, cheese and pickles. I could happily live off of this. Just need a bit of wine now.

We didn’t have time to do everything yesterday, so we went again today. We were all very tired from yesterday, so we didn’t have as good a time. Still, Bean handled a shoulder-fired antitank grenade and I bonded with a cow (and was seriously tempted to trade the cow for the child). 

I got a cuddle from a giant weed leaf. Katy posted the picture on her instagram. It was liked by LA-based real estate law firm. Yay, Internet. 

Leman Lego User Group

Things you expect to find in a high-end tobacconist:

  • Cigars 
  • Pipes and pipe tobacco 
  • Lighters and general paraphernalia 

What you might not expect:

  • A damn good whisky selection 
  • Legal cannabis 

Speaking of that last one. Montréal dîme bags were a bargain compared to the price here!