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An Essential Guide for Adventurous Wine Lovers. Simon Hardy, Fitting Wines.

On a clear day, the view across the lake is breathtaking (this is the view from Chillon)

We went to the Centre Nordique Saint-George, in the Jura Vaudois. Something that we will do again!

The family indulged in an impromptu treat.

We’re home. It’s late. The cats are happy to see us. We’re happy to be in our underwear. Happy new year! 

We had the 1st annual DNH raclette as our team Christmas lunch today.

… close enough. 

We’re getting the child his own girolle for Christmas. He’s going to flip. He loves Tete de moine cheese. Bet you didn’t know that in la Suisse, some cheeses require infrastructure. 

Stop the presses! There is a beef tartare vending machine at the Morges train station. A seasoned. Raw. Beef. Vending. Machine.

God bless the Swiss and their quirky ways.